Hello Project, as part of cooperation with the University of Plymouth (Great Britain), started on 26 October under the supervision of Iryna SHVETSOVA, Deputy Head in Organizational Activities of the English Language Department for Deck Officers. The purpose of this project was to share experience, discuss topics interesting for the partakers as well as to practice English. KSMA cadets and participants from Great Britain had weekly conversations via Zoom. They compared studies and student life in their countries, talked about various Christmas traditions and recommended some films and music. The students shared their experience of learning English and analysed the differences between its British and American variants. The project turned out to be both exciting and useful, so everyone agreed on further cooperation.

The organizers of the project appreciate the enthusiasm of the following cadets in improving their English speaking skills:

Group 111-1 – Vladyslav Yurkov, Rostyslav Yurkov, Yurii Parasiei, Oleksandr Yudchenko,

Arthur Kirilovets, Mychailo Kholin

Group 121-2 – Vladyslav Doharev, Kyrylo Frolenko

Group 122-1 – Daniil Ziablov

Group 122-2 – Maksym Melnichenko

Group 123-1 – Anton Rodionov

Wishing further success to the cadets!