On 27-29 September 2022, an interview was conducted with first-year students in order to divide them into groups and subgroups according to their level of English language proficiency. The event was organized by Vadym POLISCHUK, deputy dean on educational work, Valentyna KUDRYAVTSEVA, head of English language department for deck officers, and Valeriia BONDARENKO, teacher of English language department for deck officers.

The interview with first-year students of Navigation Faculty was conducted by teaching staff of English language department for deck officers: Iryna Shvetsova, deputy head on organizational issues and Olena FROLOVA, deputy head on research activities. Fifty three students took part in the interview. During the conversation, the students answered various questions about themselves, their families, friends, favourite books and movies, necessity of sports in life and future profession, importance of modern technologies as well as justified their choice of profession as a seafarer. The first-year students were also offered such tasks as to describe a picture and comment on important social issues related to bullying, homelessness, and poverty.