On Wednesday, 15 June, there took place an online meeting between Vasyl Cherniavskyi,
Rector of Kherson State Maritime Academy, Director of Science Park “Maritime Industry
Innovations” Alona Leshchenko, head of International Affairs Department Alona
Yurzhenko, representatives of State University of infrastructure and technologies and
representatives of the University Plymouth. The meeting was moderated by Phill Gray,
Director of Partners at the leading transnational education consultancy Cormack
Consultancy Group .
Online meeting was held within the framework of the “Unity” program. It is focused on
building and maintaining long-term professional relationships and partnerships between
Ukrainian higher education institutions (HEIs) and British universities, restore and
develop Ukrainian universities during the war, form partnerships for mutual work and
further internationalization as well as sustainable development.
Online meeting started from introductory remarks of three delegations – participants of the
meeting (Cormack Consultancy Group, Kherson State Maritime Academy, State
University of infrastructure and technologies).
After that representatives of KSMA made a presentation of the scientific and educational
potential of Academy. The prospects for future cooperation were discussed, including
academic mobility of teaching staff and students, the development of scientific
cooperation and joint research and projects activities.