Senior lecturer, Deep-Sea Master

In 1990 he graduated from the Odessa Higher Naval Engineering School named after Lenin’s Young Communist League

Specialty: Navigation on sea lanes, Qualification: ship engineer

Since 2002 – Deep-Sea Master

Until 2016, he worked as a specialist in the shipping company Primebulk Shipping Co. (Greece) on container and bulk fleet vessels.

Teaches disciplines: “Navigation and lotion”; “MPZZS-72”; “Organization of work and management of the ship’s crew”; “Management of the resources of the navigation bridge” and has pedagogical experience of over 7 years in higher educational establishments.

Bloodless Vadym Oleksandrovych is a singer of the patent of Ukraine for a utility model number № 139980

Research interests: navigation and ship management.

Advanced training or internship: Kherson branch of the National University of Shipbuilding. adm. Makarova, certificate of advanced training (internship), № 20-004 topic: “Influence of external factors, ie drift and wear on the movement of the vessel in limited sailing conditions”, 23.05.2017


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